Pricing and Specials

Our dentists and team at VIBE Dental communicate the costs of our treatments before beginning them, and we will work with you to help you find the best financial options. We provide clear pricing, and if you lack dental insurance or are simply interested in excellent savings for dental care, we also offer a VIBE in-house dental plan so you can receive high-quality care that is priced 30% to 40% lower than other practices.

In addition to our in-house dental plan, we are also in-network with most insurances, both federal and state. We price match any dental treatment prices in town, and you also get a lifetime warranty. You will also receive an additional 10% off if you show this message to us. To display our commitment to excellent care, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee if any of our patients are not satisfied with the treatment they have received. To learn more about our pricing and schedule an appointment at our dental office in Mesa, Arizona, call us today at 480-800-8423!



ProceduresVibe Plan
Emergency Exam$10
Complete Exam$25
Basic Adult Cleaning$69
Basic Child Cleaning$59
Periodic Exam$15
One-Surface Filling$85
Two-Surface Filling$120
Three-Surface Filling$160
Fluoride Varnish$20
Simple Extraction$119
Surgical Extraction$199
Porcelain Crown$799
Porcelain Veneer$849
Crown Buildup$99


ProceduresVibe Plan
Pulpal Debridement$190
Root Canal Anterior Tooth$699
Root Canal Bicuspid Tooth$799
Root Canal Molar Tooth$899
Scaling & Root Planing (SRP)$169 per Quadrant
Therapeutic Pulpotomy$99
Full-Mouth Debridement$55
ARESTIN® per Site$25
Irrigation per Quadrant$15
Re-cement Crown or Bridge$55
Complete Denture$1299
Crown Lengthening$325
Therapeutic Pulpotomy$10
Bone Graft$99
Complete Denture$1299