We value the time you spend at VIBE Dental. Our goal of making your diagnostic exams thorough and efficient is made possible with NOMAD dental X-ray. This handheld portable technology is one of the most advanced dental X-ray units made available today. It improves dental radiography speed, convenience, and quality.

Nomad Dental Scanner in Mesa, AZ

Radiographs are now taken twice as fast as with conventional X-ray systems. The number of retakes is greatly reduced by up to 50 percent, creating a more comfortable experience. NOMAD X-rays are designed to reduce radiation exposure and increase safety for both our patients and team. Another advantage of this technology is that the time required for the sensor to be in the mouth is greatly reduced since taking an image with the Nomad is considerably faster than conventional X-rays. Contact our dentist in Mesa, AZ, for any questions you may have or to schedule an appontiment!